Criminal defense attorney Amy Okubo has spent her entire career practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law. She understands that contact with the criminal justice system is one of the most anxiety provoking and worrisome experiences in life. The Law Firm of Amy Okubo specializes in getting you through the process thoughtfully, strategically, and in an educated manner.

With a total of twenty years practicing only in the area of criminal law, defense attorney Amy Okubo offers the skills and expertise you need. Amy has tried hundreds of cases big and small. She has spent weeks at a time in court litigating complex legal issues. She blends a compassionate nature with an aggressive legal style. As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney she understands how prosecutors and police think. She knows how the criminal system works. She is well versed in recognizing the deficiencies in police investigations and knows that police make mistakes too!

When you hire the The Law Firm of Amy Okubo, you get Amy Okubo as your personal lawyer from the start of your case to the very end. You will always have direct access to her. She will personally meet you in court. Your case will not be handed off to another lawyer or associate.