Significant Cases

Amy Okubo to leave Boulder County DA’s Office after 18 years

Chief Deputy District Attorney Amy Okubo worked on some of the county’s most notorious recent criminal cases — she successfully prosecuted serial killer Scott Lee Kimball and University of Colorado student Susannah Chase’s murderer, Diego Alcalde — in a career that included juvenile, white-collar and sex-crime cases.



48 Hours Mystery “Hannibal Unmasked” (video)


“Oh my God, the last person that Kaysi was known to be with was Scott Kimball. Oh my God, the last person that Jennifer Marcum was known to be with was Scott Kimball. Oh my God, LeAnn Emry was the last person that Scott Kimball was with. And so, bit by bit, piece by piece, it became apparent just how dangerous he was,” Okubo said.
“Meeting after meeting after meeting and briefings and continual, ‘Here’s all the evidence that we have. Do you think we have enough yet?’ And then if not, ‘What can we do to protect the community and return the loved ones bodies?’” Okubo said.



Free To Kill

Kimball Lawyers

A project exploring the serial-murder case against Boulder County native and FBI informant Scott Kimball.

Boulder County prosecutor Amy Okubo started investigating Scott Kimball after being assigned his Lafayette check-fraud case in 2006.



Man Found Guilty Of Beating, Raping CU Student

Susannah Chase Beaten With Baseball Bat In 1997. Diego Olmos Alcalde’s DNA profile was uploaded into a national DNA database in January 2008. He was arrested within days. After months of intermittent motions litigation and a two and one half week jury trial he was convicted of all charges and sentenced to life in prison without parole.



The N Word

Jurors in the trial later told prosecutor Amy Okubo there is a common use of the word that is meant as an insult, but not a racial one.”I could never in a million years think that it could be a derogatory term but not a racially derogatory term,” Okubo said. “It was a shock.”And it is a revelation to many who came of age in the civil rights era. To them, there is little room for any meaning beyond one of racial hatred.