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Criminal Defense From An Experienced Former Prosecutor.
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Experienced Boulder County Criminal Defense Attorney

Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney Boulder criminal defense attorney amy okubo large 214x300 - HomeIf you’ve been charged with a crime and are facing possible jail time or stiff penalties, you need representation from an experienced lawyer who understands the system. Criminal defense attorney Amy Okubo is a former Boulder County Chief Deputy District Attorney so she knows how prosecutors and police think. Her long-standing professional relationships with the judges, prosecutors, and others you may encounter in the criminal justice system help her develop defenses that take into account their unique perspectives.

No one is better qualified to identify deficiencies in criminal investigations than an attorney who previously relied on them. Amy uses her past experience to your advantage, and she personally guides and educates you throughout the process.

Your case will never be handed off to another lawyer or associate. When you hire Amy Okubo, you have a skilled and successful criminal defense attorney as your advocate from start to finish.

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Practice Areas

Domestic Violence
When a crime is charged and classified as Domestic Violence, it carries a variety of additional requirements on the accused.
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Contact former Boulder County Chief Deputy District Attorney Amy Okubo to understand your rights and learn how she can aggressively defend you in court.
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Felonies are the most serious criminal offenses. In Colorado, they range from Class One to Class Six, with Class One charges having the most significant penalties.
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Former Boulder County Chief Deputy District Attorney Amy Okubo is now a successful criminal defense attorney who handles cases in many jurisdictions along the Colorado Front Range.
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Misdemeanors are crimes that are less serious in nature than felonies. However, it is important to know that misdemeanors can result in significant fines and jail time.
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Traffic Offenses
When you are issued a ticket, you can simply accept it and pay the fine. However, in doing so you are admitting guilt.
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Supportive, Integrity, Knowledge, Professional, Brilliant.

Amy helped me through a potentially devastating case, which would have impacted on the lives of myself and my sons.
From the first call describing the case, Amy listened thoughtfully and then provided reassurance and a plan forward that was ultimately successful.
Amy is a rock solid expert in her field and am so glad I picked up the phone to call her.
Thanks Amy, very grateful.

Posted by Adam

Thank you Amy!!

Amy is a very knowledgeable attorney & went out of her way to help us with our situation. She was always available when we had questions or concerns. Amy also did not sugar coat the situation for our benefit but told us the truth in order to prepare us for what could possibly happen. All of the false charges were dropped because of Amy’s knowledge & persistence. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing or wanting the best criminal defense.

Posted by anonymous

Domestic Case

Amy did a wonderful job for me and my family. She was very compassionate. Amy delt with complex family matters and helped us make our way through a complicated system. I highly recommend her!

Posted by anonymous

The BEST Defense

Ms. Okubo took the time to listen and understand our situation. She was not judgmental and she explained things in detail but at a level that I could completely understand. With her guidance, we were successful in winning our case.

Posted by anonymous

Excellant Attorney

I am an attorney who had a DUI. I chose Amy to represent me. She was far better than anything I expected. Better yet, her charges for fees were much better than I expected.

Posted by anonymous

Could Not Have Been Happier

Amy helped me through a DUI case a couple of months ago and did an amazing job at making the entire case go smoothly. She was also able to get a number of other charges dismissed that were unjustly given to me. I would highly recommend Amy if you are going through a hard time like I was.

Posted by Sean